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The Profitable Farmers Toolkit

In This Toolkit, You'll Learn:
  • Tips for setting up your farm the right way from the start
  • Financial systems and apps that allow you to track your     business and know where you are making money.
  • Tools for in the greenhouse, field, and washing shed that last, increase your efficiency, and save you money
  • Innovative apps for farming, weather tracking, and business management
  • Automated systems so you can focus on the important tasks in your business
  • Favorite watering tools, even a valve that has lasted 20,000 uses!
10 Winter Growing Secrets we Wish we Knew When we Started
Want to grow beauiful, productive crops consistantly all winter but your results so far haven't been quite what you hoped for? Looking to streamline your current winter production systems for greater efficiency and profit? 

Download this free ebook today to learn what took us years of trial and error (and a few frozen fingers) to discover!
In This Ebook, You'll Learn:
  • ​The simple but counterituative principle that trips up most beginning growers
  • ​What shape and size of tunnels are the best for winter production
  • ​How to prepare beds so they are weed-free and get beautiful lush stands of crops
  • ​What to do about pests like aphids, voles, and slugs
  • ​How to fast-track your research to fine-tune your production for your micro-climate
  • ​How to pack in more crops for higher yields and profits!
  • ​Pro tips that will instantly give you a leg up over the competition.
Tipsheet: 10 Ways to Increase Efficiency and Safety in your Washing Area
Slash the time and effort you are spending in washing and packing your produce.

You grow beautiful, healthy produce but getting it washed, packed and stored is a challenge. You need to speed up your systems, get your workers to work faster and more efficently, and have your product last longer. Read below for how this tipsheet can help you.
In This tipsheet, You'll Learn:
  • ​The simple but frequently ignored tool that can double or triple your efficiency
  • ​What light level you should be achieving in your wash area and how that effects crew performance
  • ​What the proper santizer is for your products and how to make sure you are not wasting it
  • ​How spaghetti diagrams can save you time and money
  • ​How to clean crops faster and make them shine
  • ​Pro tips that will instantly give you a leg up over the competition
Building Your Farm: Six Key Characteristics of the Right Property
How to know you are buying the right farm!  What should you look for in a farm? Is having a good water supply important or is finding good soil more important? 
Buying, leasing or renting your first property can be incredibly stressful!
But you are not alone! In This Ebook, You'll Learn:
  • ​What soil types you should be looking for and how to easily tell what type they are without even visiting the property
  • ​How to figure out where to buy a farm based on local weather patterns
  • ​What water sources you should be relying on
  • ​Why its better to buy 10 acres closer to the city than 1000 further away
  • ​Why what type of roads you live on can limit the growth of your farm
Start planning your dream farm by downloading the free ebook now!
Ebook: A tuneup for the Pastured
Poultry Producer
Learn the common mistakes that new pastured poultry producers make!!
  • Struggle with mortality?  What should your numbers be?
  • Wonder if your feed conversion should be higher?
  • What's the best way to keep your poultry safe from predators?
Learn all of this and more in this quick guide!
Want our list of our 30 favorite farms to follow on instagram?
Love following farms on Instagram like we do? :)

We put together a list of 30+ farm Instagram accounts that we're excited about. 

Its a great way to learn what other farmers are doing, the crops they are growing, the tools they are using, and how they are marketing.
Jang Resources Page
Get our free seed calculator and the sizing chart with over 100 varieties!
The jang's a great tool, but one that take a little bit of work to understand and calibrate. Let us help you get up and running in 1/2 the time!!
  • ​Enter in your seed counts and know your sprocket settings instantly
  • ​Save time choosing rollers by just looking at the chart
  • ​Keep track of yoru own spacings!
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