Streamline your Harvest, Wash/Pack, and Storage Systems
Improve harvest efficiency, design or update your ideal wash/pack area and increase produce quality and shelf-life with the Your Efficient Harvest, Wash/Pack, and Storage Course!

Watch the FB live where Michael introduces the class
>>  Are you a farmer starting out and just setting up your systems? Wondering what crates and knives to buy or how big a cooler to install?

>>  Or maybe you’ve been farming for a couple of years and wish your systems were better…. Too many cold fingers, harvesting bottlenecks, and slow processing times… 

>>  Or maybe you’re ready to build and design (or just update) the wash/pack/post-harvest facility of your dreams... But want to make sure it's right…

Then this is for you...

Up to 50% of labor for a vegetable crop is spent at harvest and beyond…frankly, much of it is wasted effort due to ineffective systems. 

When we work 1 on 1 with farms, a huge focus always ends up being helping them tweak their harvest and post-harvest systems with massive savings.

And the questions pour in: H6ow do I streamline my harvest? How do I design my pack and wash area to save time and money? How do I get better shelf life? What type or size of cooler do I need?

What can I expect to learn from the Your Efficient Harvest, Wash/Pack, and Storage Course?
  •  A detailed, best practices, harvest manual that lays out your best practices for your farm. We'll go into detail on every crop as well as general systems for effective harvesting (HINT: it starts before planting!)
  •  Design your perfect Post-harvest  (wash/pack) area: We'll walk you through all aspects of designing what works for your farm. Everything from designing the right building, product flow, the right equipment, and sourcing components that are food safe, economical, and effective.
  •  Study 10+ designs from farms across the US: from big, CSA and wholesale farms down to backyard micro-farms. From renovations in barns to new builds on new farms.
  •  Understand proper cooling and storage: from how to chill crops quickly without damage to holding for weeks for long-term sales. Learn the different storage conditions, how to cheat for less storage areas, and what it looks like for your farm to have the right storage for your size operation. Learn what long term storage looks like and how to hold root crops for 8+ months.
  •  Discover how easy food safety can be for your farm and practical steps you can take to decrease the chance of contamination across your entire harvest process and actually help you farm better. 
What does the Your Efficient Harvest, Wash/Pack, and Storage Course contain?
4 x 60-90 minute classes that cover harvesting, washing, packing, and storage. 
In these five core modules you will learn:
  • Your Successful Harvest System
  • Designing Your Perfect Wash-Pack Area
  • Reviewing wash-pack designs from other farms
  •  Cooling and Product Storage
  •  Easy ways to implement practical Food Safety
Our done-for-you manuals
Looking for a food safety plan to customize for your own?  What about a harvest manual and SOP's for your washing area. All this and more included to give you the quickest way to streamline your systems for success.
10+ Wash/pack building designs
These are designs (and detailed reports) that we have designed over the last couple of years for clients. Everything from large CSA and wholesale operations down to small backyard microgreen and salad farms. As well as the details on our own wash and pack shed, which had a 1/2 million a year throughput!
Equipment, supply, and consumables list
Where do you get that food safe washer?  What about not paying through the nose on rubber bands, bags, or twist-ties..  Water-proof printers?  All this and more in our searchable, extensive equipment supplier list.
Bonus 1:  5-part mini-course with Erich Schultz from Steadfast Farm.
We hired a video crew, and flew to Steadfast Farm to give you an exclusive deep dive of exactly how Erich Schultz efficiently processes and stores his products.

 In this video series you'll learn:
  • How Erich intentionally set up his farm to be most efficient with product flow traveling the minimum of steps
  • Erich's favorite harvest tools, including a few he always has duplicates for because they are so important for his system
  • The intentional way that Erich has streamlined his  his custom packaging to stand out and be most efficient
As the season progresses, we'll add additional, detailed, on-farm interviews
Bonus 2: Masterclass with Paul Arnold of Pleasant Valley Farm
Paul and Sandy Arnold have been farming for over 30 years, building a highly profitable, streamlined operation in rural upstate NY. They were my (Michael's) original mentors and we still collaborate frequently.

In this class you'll learn:
  • How their farm has transitioned from season to year-round and the changes they made in production, equipment, and infrastructure to facilitate that.
  •  The exact order they harvest 35+ vegetable types to keep them looking freshest and lasting the longest
  • The team management techniques that Paul uses to efficiently harvest 4+ acres of vegetables each year with a tiny team.
An extensive resource list
The courses contains a list of books, articles, reports, drawings, videos and more for further reading around specific topics.
Check out what students have to say...
"The course was timely -- we were considering updating anyway, and this is a good time of year for such study"
"the material was great"
"we hope to translate much of the information directly into pack shed improvements and updates"
About the Instructor
Michael is a farmer, presenter, inventor and leader who lives to help farmers apply business principles and practical, proven solutions to grow their businesses and simplify their lives. He has managed large certified organic farms and businesses, consulted for industry experts and universities, and spoken at dozens of conferences.

In 2005, he started a highly diversified, year-round, vegetable farm with his brother. The business rapidly scaled until it was managing several hundred acres with over 20 employees, and sold to farmers markets, CSA, coops, and wholesale buyers. What set his farm apart was the systems that he put in place that allowed him to work less hours and leave for vacation without having to worry that plants were dying or customers didn’t get their products.

one time fee- 
  • All training videos
  • Resources: books, custom reports, articies, drawings, and more
  • Food safety and harvest manuals
  • 10+ detailed Pack house designs
  • Equipment, Supply and consumable lists
  • 5-part mini-course with Erich Schultz from Steadfast Farm $500 value
  • Masterclass with Paul Arnold of Pleasant Valley Farm $500 value
  • Facebook study group

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We’re so passionate about helping you streamline your farm and save money in your business because we have seen and experienced the difference it makes for farmers just like you. 

And that’s why we want to make it a no brainer decision for you to go through the content, put the system to the test, get the support you need, and experience the transformation for yourself. 

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